Send video message in TWO clicks

Quick Video Mail is an smartphone application that gives you the quickest way to send video messages (MMS) to your loved ones.

Have your wife sees you when you send her your love

Have your lover see you tell her “I miss you”

Have your children see you say “I love you”

Send video message safely while driving

How it works

Step 1: Launch the application, it automatically turn on the front-facing camera, and gives you 5 seconds to get ready. (You can click the Record button to start immediately.)

Ready to record video

No click needed here

Step 2: Record your video message for 10 seconds. Quick Video Mail automatically starts counting down; when time is up you will be brought to the next step.

Start record video

Still no click needed here

Step 3: Simply click on one recipient, and Quick Video Mail will send him/her the video MMS.

Choose recipient

First click: select your recipient

Send with

For the first time only, you’ll be asked how you want to send your video.

Click “Use by default for this action“, then click Messaging.

Step 4: Click send. That’s it!Send video MMS

Second click: ‘Send

More features

  • Option for manual mode
  • Record up to 30 seconds of video
  • Tweak your timing

Handset requirement

Quick Video Mail runs on these smartphones

Google Android

  • Android version 2.1 and above
  • Front-facing camera
  • Tested on Samsung Galaxy S

  • Coming soon
  • Are you a Nokia/Symbian user? Get informed about our latest release.
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Why you should use Quick Video Mail

  • Express your love to your spouse, lover and children
  • Convey your message exactly as you mean it
  • Your message carry a deeper meaning through video
  • Your spouse, lover and children get to replay your video over and over again.
  • It’s faster than text
  • Recording video is safer than typing text messages while you drive

Try for free, download here

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